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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Oh what sadness to hear that Life Without Buildings are no longer, it came as a big suprise to me, I only discovered while surfing to their site. Great band with a totally unique sound, will be sadly missed.

On a more happier note, was muchly pleased to hear about a guy who goes by the name 'gotye' (pronounced GORE-TI-YEAH) he is 21-year-old Wally De Backer, percussionist/pianist/vocalist/composer/producer. An outlet for Wally's composing and mixing aspirations, gotye's music displays the diversity of Wally's listening interests, encompassing a variety of styles, tempos and textures in its mix of organic and electronic sources. All gotye material is recorded independently in Wally's bedroom at his much-beloved Frat House in the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Discovering the weird and wonderful array of music that has been committed to record in the last century is one of Wally's hobbies, and the old vinyl he collects facilitates and inspires the music composed under the gotye moniker. Wally began creating pieces of audio collage from found and created sound in early 2001, but continues to pursue other live music interests concurrently. (Info taken from

There are a couple of songs on the site for free download, I highly recommend you take a look and have a listen.

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