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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Just stumbled across (ok its posted on Blogger.coms front page) a weblog called Scaryduck. Its a bloddy pisser. Go read.

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I've been a lazy sod, it's true. This week brings you Bob Geldof, with the new album Sex, Age & Death. The Great Gob Himself will be far happier that this is not only his most fearless work to date, but his most ruthlessly argumentative. He's one of the few artists brave enough to cast his raw, angry tales, and by extension himself, in a light this unflatteringly realistic. Indeed, this album's musical suppleness--the chilled beats of New Routine and falsettoed funk of Mind in Pocket, the wide-screen Floyd-isms of Mudslide and uncannily Cohen-esque Pale White Girls--offers practically the only relief from un-minced, ugly-truth words that refuse to be knit back up with anything like closure. Or, indeed, forgiveness, the lack of which, of course, is the saddest and most realistic touch of all. Fav song: Scream in Vain.

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