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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Mike Skinner, aka The Streets has been labeled the English Eminem, which seems the trend lately to compare artists with Eminem (Princess Superstar has been tagged feminem for obvious reasons) and on this album when you hear songs from his new album 'Original Pirate Material' like Too Much Brandy, then you could be forgiven you had stumbled across the Pommie version of Stan/Slim Shady .

But Skinner marks out his territory and makes sure people do not confuse him with Eminem by telling listeners to the single Let's Push Things Forward that: "Around here we say birds, not bitches."

It's a lyrical treat so look it up sometime.

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Monday, August 19, 2002

Another good album to look out for is from mclusky, with their release 'mclusky do dallas', the band are perfectors of driving, energetic, hard-edged punk rock, with their 14 memorable tracks running in at just 36 minutes has a certain rawness of sound, courtesy of producer Steve Albini.

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I've been listening to a bit of Múm from their album which came out not long ago titled 'Finally we are noone'. Maybe it's something in the water. Maybe this is what happens when it's dark for half the year. Whatever the reason, some of the best music in recent memory has been coming from Iceland. On the heels of Björk and Sigur Ros comes Múm, comprised of two guys and two sisters who take whatever they can get their hands on, be it analog or digital, strummed or programmed, and make it all into something lush, warm, melodic and very now. Taking up where last year's exquisite Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK left off.

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