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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Well I spose I should tell u some bout me eh? Bored yet? Haha ok get ready here it is!!

I'm from Australia, doin the Gemini thing. Lovin' the outdoors but enjoy chilling on the computer after work, work u ask... got a business making webpages, I also work in advertising, makin webpages, brochures, packaging, etc etc..I've also worked in a supermarket, on the trams, in a circus, and also in youth work. I've climbed a mountain, baked a cake, have been known to scratch my butt in public. I listen to all sorts of music, from Alice Cooper to Air Supply, from Metallica to Melanie Safka. I think of myself as eclectic but I don't wear labels very well... am willing to meet all sorts of people on their level, I dislike people who treat other like shit, and those who can't accept some people are just the way they are whether its right or wrong and those who are not honest with themselves and others. Tragic people bore me, although I admit we all suffer dramas sometimes, a positive outlook will get u far. I admire strong people who are not afraid to be themselves and I dig doin cartwheels wherever the urge takes me... I am a lover more than a fighter, I like to laugh and enjoy life, I have many goals/dreams. My life's goal is to own a piece of the Moon. I listen to rap music wearing a huge mexican hat and often dance around my house in nothing but a tutu and gorilla slippers. I have an iq of 163 but dyed my hair blonde to counteract all that intelligence. I can't eat off plates that have pictures of horses on them. Sometimes I like to chew gum, run through the house with scissors, eat whip cream straight from the spray nozzles and compose piano symphonies in my head all at the same time. I am spiritual, and I do pray and often use chat rooms as confessionals. I like the way a q-tip feels in my ear. I have a very long tongue. My eyes get me in a lot of trouble. I am weird, but I am happy!

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Monday, July 29, 2002

All India Radio, you can download some of their stuff on mp3 from Chaosmusic. They are a pretty cool band for something different. Instrumental.

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