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Friday, August 22, 2003

Well folks, I am back!!! I've taken a few months off due to other activities and also a general lack of enthusiasm! Norty me! Life is good, moved to the country and expanded the business... ahh lovely. :)

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Saturday, December 14, 2002

I've been pretty flat out doing some other stuff and haven't bothered to post I'm a slack bytch. o_O, also my commenting system is screwed and noone will answer my calls for help. Just quickly, Noonday Underground have a new album out and its really good! DJ Shadow was just in town, and The John Spencer Blues Exposion has just hit town, now they ROCK!

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Oh what sadness to hear that Life Without Buildings are no longer, it came as a big suprise to me, I only discovered while surfing to their site. Great band with a totally unique sound, will be sadly missed.

On a more happier note, was muchly pleased to hear about a guy who goes by the name 'gotye' (pronounced GORE-TI-YEAH) he is 21-year-old Wally De Backer, percussionist/pianist/vocalist/composer/producer. An outlet for Wally's composing and mixing aspirations, gotye's music displays the diversity of Wally's listening interests, encompassing a variety of styles, tempos and textures in its mix of organic and electronic sources. All gotye material is recorded independently in Wally's bedroom at his much-beloved Frat House in the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Discovering the weird and wonderful array of music that has been committed to record in the last century is one of Wally's hobbies, and the old vinyl he collects facilitates and inspires the music composed under the gotye moniker. Wally began creating pieces of audio collage from found and created sound in early 2001, but continues to pursue other live music interests concurrently. (Info taken from

There are a couple of songs on the site for free download, I highly recommend you take a look and have a listen.

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Friday, November 22, 2002

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, 'Out of Season'. Described as a one-off collaboration, the most evocative female voice of the nineties, Beth Gibbons, has joined forces with former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb, now trading under the guise of Rustin Man. With Portishead, Gibbons had played a vital role in the conception of two of the decade’s most astounding musical artefacts. Five years have now passed since the release of “Portishead”, and gaps like these are never normally perceived as being creatively beneficial.

Not only does this record sound fundamentally different to Portishead, but it also seems that Gibbons is using “Out Of Season” as a testing ground for her voice (she is supposedly working on new Portishead material with Geoff Barrow). Indeed, her vocal remains the most important instrument throughout the record. “Tom The Model” sees her adopt a more soulful sound and her vocal on “Show” is husky, possibly the closest to her Portishead “sound”. It was as if this track was recorded in a late night jazz bar sometime after midnight with just a piano.

Each listen of “Out Of Season” rewards the listener, with hidden subtleties and charms emerging. The three female backing vocalists alone deserve a medal, as they consistently sound wonderful, without intruding on Beth’s “ground”. It’s as if they are the plectrum/bow to her strings – vital, yet inconspicuous. Webb does a wonderful job also, content to stay in the background. Portishead fans will be glad to see the involvement of Adrian Utley. However, it is Gibbons who shines throughout, instilling herself as one of the great female vocalists.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

In an age where faking-it rock bands are apparently at their most prevalent, this is a sweet pill to swallow while the hypnotised herd follow their smell of their own arseholes. That hot steaming and putrid air such as the utterly unconvincing Strokes, the over-hyped and over-exposed Hives and the slightly better but bandwagoning Vines, who all fall short on one essential necessity for rock 'n' roll - unpredictability. In fact, Kiwi act, The Datsuns - are a frantic, raw fusion of Led Zepp meets AC/DC, cut with an understanding of just what's wrong with music today.

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Jurassic 5's newish album titled Power In Numbers is the seventeen-tracked latest from the Los Angeles-based coalition of four emcees and two turntabalists provides some solid sounds. It has been labeled as being mainstream because their sound is reaching a greater audience than their usual hiphop enthusiasts. It doesnt mean this album is crap, in fact its actually really good.

I came across this review by Robert Lanham and I wanted any opinions on it..

I'm white. That said, you can probably already guess which Hip Hop acts I like.

If you guessed Tribe, De La Soul, Kool Keith, PE, and the Beasties, you are correct of course. Big Pun and Jay Z don't fit into the picture. Somewhere along the line, Hip Hop and white 20-somethings stopped being interested in one another. I've seen a lot of press about the thug mentality of artists such as DMX not appealing to white kids, and there may be some truth to this, but it is not the full story. I remember listening to the "Gangsta" rhymes of NWA and the like back in the early nineties and not caring about the message as long as the beats were solid and original.

So here is the story - and I am not the first to say it - Hip Hop is lacking originality. Hats off to Wu Tang - though they aren't my thing, at least they are consistently original and inventive. Most artists are either too dark, with no sense of playfulness, unoriginal, and often just plain suck. Overall, Hip Hop has become a homogenized genre that needs a kick in it's lazy ass.

Jurassic 5 may be too polite to provide the kick, but they are up to giving a gentle push. Their new and long-awaited release Quality Control is utterly original if not a tad dull at times. Many have criticized the CD for not being thug or "real" enough, but again, I'm white so this is not a concern of mine. Though a couple of songs come across a tad hokey in the lyrics department, it is at least refreshing to hear something different than throw your goddam hands in the air, son.

That's not to say the album isn't worth grabbing off Napster. There are plenty of excellent moments on this CD such as the insanely funky title track "Quality Control." What makes Jurassic 5 stand out from the crowd is there team work of passing phrase after phrase among the 5 MC's like the Globetrotters would a basketball. With the Cut Chemist doing his thing as DJ - this is a record even a stiff white-boy like myself can enjoy.

© Robert Lanham

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

This page will look like shit for a few days until I get my hosting transferred from those crak hoes hostonce to a newer and way more friendly server. Apologies till then

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